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NIPPORI STATION - City Pop, J-fusion, etc Stream

18 May 2020 - 12:38 PM


been a while since i've streamed records so i'm bringin it back in style this friday!

playin tracks from my japanese record collection with anime VHS visuals. i've got an idea for an update from the setup i've been using & i'm stoked to try it out for y'all!

starts at 900 PM EST & will likely go for at least a few hours. come enjoy the tunes & hang out in the chat!

Shizz Movie Nites 5 & 6 - 5/13 & 5/16 - DETAILS WITHIN

11 May 2020 - 04:41 PM

this week's movie nites:


Wednesday, May 13th, 800 PM EST - MAD MAX NITE






This one is pretty straightforward - just the first 3 Mad Max movies played back 2 back.




Saturday, May 16th, 700 PM EST - DOLPH NITE



- ??????*




*Not sure what is gonna be in the second slot yet.  I've got a handful of Dolph Lundgren movies, so feel free to make suggestions.  Make sure to stick around after Rocky IV for a big surprise!

Shizz Movie Nite 4: Arnie Nite 1 - 5/9 800 PM EST

07 May 2020 - 04:55 PM



Back at it with the first* Arnie Nite!


Kickin it off Saturday at 800 PM EST.  The following movies will be shown:






Maybe we'll do a fourth if everyone is feelin perky.






*future Arnie Nites are def in the works: Conan Nite, Sci Fi Arnie Nite, maybe Terminator Nite.  sky's the limit! (actually my VHS collection is the limit).

Shizz Movie Nite 3: Van Damme Nite 2 - Weds 5/6 800 PM EST

03 May 2020 - 01:52 PM

Bringin it back with another lil Van Damme fest!  This comin Wednesday, May 6th, at 800 PM EST.


Movies this time around will be:


- BLOODSPORT (again)

- Maybe a Fourth if We're Feelin Frisky


Come hang out & have a nice time in the chat with us!


***A Couple Chat Rules for This & Future Movie Nites***


1. Please post links in the thread(s).

Articles, videos, & such related to the movie(s) being watched come up in chat, which is cool.  Unfortunately, they can get lost to the ages if they're solely posted in the chat, and can potentially be a distraction from the movie, so putting them in the thread ensures everyone can check out the links later.  This also saves me from being a numbnuts & clicking on a link that could potentially put unrelated audio into the stream (this shouldn't happen with how I have the audio running, but then again things go awry sometimes).


2. Don't be a fuckin buzzkill.

The movies we've watched so far (and will probably continue to watch) are primarily goofy action movies that are not of the highest cinematic caliber (though some scenes / moments could certainly be argued...), and we all are aware of this going into the streams.  Coming into chat and repeatedly talking about how bad the movies are overall, or how dumb a character / scene is, or whatever is not fun for anyone and detracts from the good times.  Not saying we shouldn't be poking fun at things or getting goofy with it, but constant complaints & ill-tempered digs really sour things.


I'm not going to name any names here, but this has happened to some degree during both the nites we've done so far, and the negativity / complaining has been obnoxious.  If you feel like you're being called out here, then maybe its time to assess what you've been saying in the chat and start holding back those unnecessary comments (and if you're not able to do that, then maybe consider not showing up).





This has been real fun so far & it feels like we've got a nice lil community goin & growin, so let's keep it up!  I've got some ideas for future nites (Arnie Nite, Dolph Nite, etc) and am definitely open to suggestions (keep in mind, I am limited to my VHS collection).


See y'all in chat on Wednesday!  



Next Shizz Movie Nite: Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter 5/2 700 PM EST

30 April 2020 - 02:36 PM

Saturday evening I will be streaming four movies:


- Mortal Kombat

- Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

- Street Fighter

- Street Fighter the Animated Movie


Starts at 700 PM EST and lasts til the movies are done.  If everyone is feelin real perky at the end, maybe we'll watch Bloodsport again.