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The Official TheShizz I NEED A JOB Thread

12 January 2021 - 11:08 AM

i figure some of us may be out of a job / seeking a job & havin a real bad time with it, so maybe sharin info with everyone here could be an avenue openings.


if you're currently unemployed & tryin to find a job, post here with what you're looking for / your skills (i guess feel free to post a resume or whatever, but its probably better just to DM / send that to someone who has a potential opportunity).


if you work somewhere that has an opening that may be interesting / available to shizzie in need, post it here!




for my part of it, i have several years of experience with supervising teams in a tech support call center (on-site, remote, WFH, and / or a combination or multiple teams at once), as well as project management (though i don't have any certifications or an official "project manager" title, so getting into that field has been challenging).


i'm currently only lookin for WFH opportunities until the pandemic clears.  i've been mostly applying for supervisor roles, but since i am currently living off of savings, i'm pretty much up for anything so i can slow the drain of my savings account while looking for a sup job.

8- Hour Post-Christmas Stream -12/26 400 PM EST - Midnite

06 December 2020 - 05:25 PM


28 November 2020 - 11:47 AM

i committed to not drinking in 2020, so to celebrate i am planning to drink all day on january 1st.


since i can't / won't go out and party with anyone, i figure it will be fun as hell to have movies goin all day & hang out with y'all in chat!


will probably start the stream early afternoon (whenever i'm up & around) and go until late nite.


obviously BLOODSPORT will be played (possibly more than once), but everything else is up in the air right now.  not looking for a theme on this one, just watchin whatever feels right.


i think COOL AS ICE will probably show up at some point.


maybe i'll take a picture of my VHS shelves to give you guys a better idea of what is available.  maybe.


21 November 2020 - 02:13 PM

i was going to end last month's 24-hour stream with a big block of the big hits of city pop, but my internet connection had other ideas.


so now i'll just do that block as its own separate stream.  you can relax with some nice tunes after the weird holiday, family pressures, and digital shopping sprees.


friday, november 27th, 900 PM til 1100 PM EST



does anyone want to watch bloodsport some night this week?

16 November 2020 - 07:04 PM

been forever since we've done a movie nite. down to stream bloodsport & maybe another movie or two if anyone wants to hang out.