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Today, 10:29 AM

One of the seasons of The Wire deals with that as well. But the way it handles it is less white savior than some of those movies.

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Yesterday, 10:16 AM

So you're basically admitting that a web forum with very generalized statements is a bad way to gauge the nuance of someone's political beliefs but also willing to lump a bunch of people together based on those vague, generalized posts and make huge assumptions about them. Gotcha.

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Yesterday, 10:04 AM

Yeah, I mean I haven't even stated my opinions on gun control. I don't think "ban all guns for everyone" is really necessary but I'm all for education and at least putting regulations in place that make buying a gun as hard as buying a car. But I also don't think owing a gun is the end-all / be-all of crime prevention solutions.


Like, I have considered buying a gun because I live in a sometimes rough neighborhood. We've had weirdos in our yard, just last week we had an escaped parolee sex offender knocking on our door at 4am, last year there was a long string of robberies and burglaries by a meth head in our neighborhood. I don't have a real moral problem defending my home or my wife, but I'm also not seeking it out and carrying a gun everywhere I can because I'm not a fuckin' rootin' tootin' cowboy do-gooder. I also haven't bought a gun because I have real concerns about things like if I missed shooting someone coming through a door or window, a bullet could easily travel into a neighbors house and kill them.


So yeah, I realize a gun could help me defend myself in very real situations I could find myself in. I also realize my gun use has a very real possibility of getting someone else killed because I'm not an unsympathetic idiot that puts gun ownership above all else.


But please, tell me how I am just a typical brainwashed leftist who just thinks what he's told to think.

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Yesterday, 09:29 AM

Yes, the CDC has absolutely never acted with an agenda such as with marijuana usage and the NRA absolutely does not have its hands in the same politicians' pockets that prevent the CDC from doing real research on things like marijuana.


But your entire opinion of that study hinges on the idea that the only and/or best way to prevent crime is to arm the public.

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Yesterday, 08:52 AM

What specifically is anyone here poorly informed on, and why?