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When countries are "shitholes" because of meddling by American and European countries, then yes, it is at the very least a little racist to call them shithole countries, and unethical to wipe your hands clean of problem you created and blame the victim. For fucks sake, Haiti has been screwed with by the US and France from inception to the modern day. It's extreme punching down for the US to tell the people of Haiti they need to get their shit together when any time they have tried they have been stopped point blank and their situation made worse. If the US doesn't want to deal with the problems that any of these countries present, it shouldn't have meddled with them in the first place. 


Here's a good history on how Haiti has been denied any success ever. https://www.washingt...m=.f08ce969fc6b

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Today, 11:22 AM

I need to catch up on all that young animal stuff and bug. hot dang. 

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not exactly home ownership probz but close: i have had a neighbor who i get along with great for the past 2 years or so. shes an older lady who is super quiet, doesnt mind when i am loud and we both look after the outside cats. talked to her and shes moving out next month and now i'm all anxious about what replacement i am going to get, as i have had some pretty crappy luck in that department. i cant even imagine how much crappier/ stressful it is for you guys who own homes to be stuck with the possibility of some shithead family buying the house next door

I live next to Johnny Ray, so it pretty much can't get worse for me. 

That reminds me, the guy who did all the work for me mentioned to me "your neighbor came out when we were working on all of this. He seemed really drunk and he tried to offer us dinner."

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Today, 10:41 AM

Like the water isn't hot, or the water isn't coming out?

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Today, 10:00 AM

Had my own home ownership fun over the past few weeks. It started when we got back from PA after Christmas. At first, the lights would flicker a little. Then a few days later it flickered enough to turn off everything for a second. I knew the whole breaker setup was old and probably needed replaced, so I was assuming that's what it was. I had someone come look at it on NYE (during the day), but being NYE, and a Sunday, there wasn't much they could do especially since they thought they would need a permit to do anything. But he agreed the board was old, had some corrosion, and probably needed replaced. 
Then on NYE the power was going out for around 10 minutes at a time every 30-60 minutes. That was frustrating. But I realized that only half of the main breaker was turning off. Unfortunately the half that was working only had one outlet inside, and a few lights in the bathroom. For the next week it was super finicky. One night it was off from around 8pm to around 8am. After that it worked fine for 3 days straight.
Finally the next weekend I had the guy that came out before coming with someone else to replace the whole board. I had it set in my mind that it was going to be fixed, and I would no longer have to be living off a single outlet. But once they started, they removed the main breaker and realized the cables coming into the main breaker were having issues. When they moved one the voltage dropped to about 60V. So they basically said there's nothing they could do since replacing the board at this point wouldn't fix the problem. I called the power company and that's when the real fun began. A guy came and removed the meter, and when he was wiggling the meter I could see the lights flashing inside. Yup, that's definitely where the problem was. Once it was removed we saw this:

That's the bracket where the meter mounts onto the board. You can see the lower left clip is completely fucked. It was just dangling on there. The real fucked thing is that the power company is responsible for their stuff, but anything else is the home owners responsibility. In this case they are responsible for the cables coming from the power line into the house, and the meter itself. But the bracket that connects the cables to the meter? Nope, sorry, that's your problem not ours. The guy that previously looked at it said at this point I'd just be better off calling someone. The power company man couldn't put the meter back on knowing that bracket was broken, so he permanently blocked that half of the line so that it wouldn't be a fire hazard. At this point I was devastated because like I said, I had it in my head that it was going to be fixed that day. Instead it was a million times worse. 


I called a bunch of places to see if anyone could come out that day, but no one would because of the permit required, even though the power company man said you can get a permit 24/7. So I had someone else come look Monday. After running through the options, it basically came down to replacing the whole damn thing, which also required moving everything so that it would be in code within proximity to the gas line. Once the guy worked on it he took a bunch of pictures for me. Basically every aspect of the outside electrical system was fucked from the cables coming from the power lines to the breakers themselves. All said and done I got everything replaced, upgraded to a 200 amp circuit, and I'm out a good chunk of money. But at least my house isn't a fire hazard anymore! And I have power. In total we spent almost two weeks having to store food in the guest house refrigerator and cooking by hand crank camping lanterns and not having any heat. I'm glad that's over with.