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#1432395 Games You've Recently Completed....

Posted by raubhimself on Yesterday, 10:13 AM

Shifting Sand Land is definitely my current least favorite course. Rainbow Ride is tough, but you know it's gonna be tough, and honestly this time I got more mad/annoyed at Shifting Sand Land. I was a little worried going into Lethal Lava Land but like Valence, I didn't find it too bad, and in fact, actually enjoyable.

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#1432272 cOMics Thread

Posted by raubhimself on 28 September 2020 - 02:34 PM

My take on Valiant is that they take all the good and bad from Marvel and DC. It's a much more condensed package but they still have a shared universe, events, crossovers, etc, and all the problems that go along with that.


On the other hand you have Image where no book "matters" any more than others and it's really, really hard to discern one generic sci-fi movie pitch comic from another.

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#1432202 What games are you playing now?

Posted by raubhimself on 27 September 2020 - 07:59 PM

I beat Mario Sunshine today doing as little as I could. I was hoping All-Stars would make the game hold up as well as it did in my head. I've beaten it 2-3 times in the past, but it's been a while. Unfortunately it just made me very mad much of the time.

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#1432024 Skateboarding: the Threadening

Posted by raubhimself on 25 September 2020 - 08:38 AM




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#1431906 Donald Trump Is Your New President.

Posted by raubhimself on 23 September 2020 - 10:02 AM

I don’t know if I agree with that second part - the major platform they’re running on this cycle is opposition to Trump. It’s fairly consistent.

It's opposition to Trump, not opposition to Republicans. Biden is still saying no medicare for all, protesters are lawless rioters, etc. The DNC still throws AOC, Omar, and others under the bus.

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#1431826 Official Shizz Home Owner's Thread

Posted by raubhimself on 22 September 2020 - 08:09 AM

Why are all contractors weirdos. My last dude was a guy in my neighborhood who had many mutual friends and seemed like a cool guy but was just intense all around and casually talked about doing coke and stuff which is whatever, but just generally weird to talk about openly with someone you're meeting for the first time?


Yesterday we had a guy come to check out some water damage and after looking at stuff just casually started talking to me about the history of the Tartarian people and how they built the mormon temple in SLC and many of the buildings in DC including the white house. You can read more in this extremely long unformatted Reddit post https://www.reddit.c...rtaria_history/

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#1431719 Donald Trump Is Your New President.

Posted by raubhimself on 20 September 2020 - 04:33 PM

Ah more lifetime appointees to a system that the people have no say in. Doesn't sound good to me?

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#1431656 What games are you playing now?

Posted by raubhimself on 19 September 2020 - 04:22 PM

On the opposite spectrum of opinions, I'm glad they barely touched these games. Mario 64 in particular has just the slightest touches, which are good. They never said they were doing complete remakes or anything, and I'm glad they didn't. The controls seem fine to me using a Pro Controller. I'm at 104 stars with just the last 2 courses to go.


The PC port is cool because you can customize many things, but Mario 64 is one of my favorite games and I actually enjoy the (mostly) vanilla experience.


Newt is my Mario 64 camera homie. Honestly I feel like many of the camera complaints are a result of fighting the camera rather than letting it do its thing. If you want to always have the camera behind Mario 100% of the time, you're gonna end up with some wacky perspectives. If you let it mostly do its thing, it's not so bad IMO.

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#1431517 Help Computer

Posted by raubhimself on 18 September 2020 - 12:36 PM

I'm curious what it was as well because it really shouldn't matter. Not having a certificate will probably give you headaches in the future. Hostgator might have free ssl certs you can install.

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#1431498 The Shizz PLANTS thread!

Posted by raubhimself on 18 September 2020 - 09:26 AM

My wife is the plant keeper in our house, but we have many now. I'll try to take some pics soon.

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#1431380 let's call out obvious VG beer names so real beers can't use t

Posted by raubhimself on 17 September 2020 - 01:58 PM




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#1431372 let's call out obvious VG beer names so real beers can't use t

Posted by raubhimself on 17 September 2020 - 01:49 PM


Xenoblade Chronichales

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#1431128 11:60

Posted by raubhimself on 13 September 2020 - 11:25 PM

I got 96.5% after 3 tries but the first two were real bad.

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#1431018 Shizz Daddy Club

Posted by raubhimself on 11 September 2020 - 11:27 PM


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#1430881 11:60

Posted by raubhimself on 10 September 2020 - 02:36 PM

That Blade Killer song rules, gonna check them out. Reminds me of "Prowler", one of my favorite Maiden songs. I love those first two albums. Very raw, of the streets.


Maiden is a paradox to me sometimes. One one hand they are quintessential metal. On the other hand they are many things metal isn't "supposed" to be: funny, smart, tongue-in-cheek, not so serious, popular, enthusiastic, and more. Like, I feel like if Maiden was introduced today the metal community would either shrug them off as lame or give a resounding "fuck you!" if they got popular at all.

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