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Today, 01:28 PM

The actual consequence of choosing sides in Morrowind is something I miss dearly in other games. Even the political houses you can only pick one of the three. Oblivion and Skyrim people will just scowl at you and that's it. It's just a side effect of people wanting to 100% a game in one go. But for me I feel like I have never finished Skyrim on a character even though I've beaten it several times, because the game doesn't actually stop you from being a master-of-all-trades, in fact it was built for it.


I think my big sticking point playing Morrowind recently is just that the tools you do have to navigate and track quests are so rudimentary. If the journal and map were better, it would be a lot easier to handle.

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Today, 09:02 AM

every slice I’ve gotten was fresh out of the oven rather than cooked, sat underneath lamps for 30 min, and then reheated.

tbh if i'm getting slices i love when they have been sitting out for multiple hours, sweating, and then reheated.

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Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Love me some Sicilian pizza. The pizza place down the street from my house growing up did those (and regular pies too).

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Yesterday, 05:37 PM

Yessss god that name should have been obvious in my brain. The only photos I have from our experience there are a large man sitting at a booth and the leather people outside including the lady who had a large cup inserted between her boobs.

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Yesterday, 05:31 PM

Many places around me are fine, even though AZ is bad overall. Everywhere has its good and bad spots. If I didn't have the news telling me otherwise, I'd assume AZ is doing great.