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Games with real big ladders

26 August 2017 - 09:36 PM

Have you ever noticed how wide the ladders are in MegaMan X3?


Friend code / gamertag master list

03 March 2017 - 02:47 PM

New thread for current consoles. Post yours in here and I'll update this post as I have time. 
bornincrimson - SW-1418-0038-2421
Demonstray -  SW-8236-2965-4302
GENTLYPORKING - SW-8029-3913-4798
KarlGerm - SW-1244-7387-6802
mrtame - SW-3286-9991-4110
norg - SW-3467-5410-7421
OverCoat - SW-8488-2920-4401
raubhimself - SW-0432-9122-5539
Spookmeister C - SW-3120-5393-6442
Demonstray -  DemonStray0
Ken Oh - kenohshinobi
MegaMatt - PolygonSun
raubhimself - raublekick
sindra - sindravania
Spookmeister C - ElegantMen
thebeautyofgrind - bachdrum
Daemon9623 - DaemonShizz
joedistort - joedistort
Daemon9623 - Daemon9623
Demonstray -  Demonstray 
GENTLYPORKING - gentlyporking
Gurthang - Gurthang76
Katamari - Katamari_Jr
Ken Oh - kenohshinobi
norg - norgio
raubhimself - raublekick
sindra - sindravania
streifig - streifig
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Ken Oh - kenohshinobi

Final Fantasy XV

29 November 2016 - 09:04 AM

I figured there might be enough discussion on this game to warrant not clogging up the PS4 thread.

Played a little bit last night, I'm digging it so far.

Things I was worried about not liking:
- Lack of fantasy setting
- Battle system

Things I like about the game so far:
- Lack of fantasy setting
- Battle system

I'm enjoying how mundane everything is so far, but I'm sure I will get sick of doing the hunting quests, getting food, etc.

The battle system feels really fun for now. Lots of options, and its complex without feeling overwhelming. Hopefully it continues to feel that way. I like that magic is limited but extremely powerful. Hopefully it is not too tedious to maintain in the long run. The only overwhelming part is the ascension tree. Too many options and I have choice paralysis.