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In Topic: Official Nintendo switch thread

Yesterday, 11:30 PM

if there's no physical release i unfortunately dont want it


Fortunately, all of the games announced so far have already been released physically. You can buy them right now on eBay. :P

In Topic: Official Nintendo switch thread

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

The website is kind of snazzy: https://www.konami.c.../50th/ac/us/en/


I'm probably in for the arcade collection so I can play Haunted Castle since I don't have a PS4. We'll see what else gets announced for the Castlevania and Contra packs. I'm hoping for some more esoteric choices.

In Topic: VGM Covers Discovery Thread

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

PSA: Travis' new Mega Man 5 album is up: https://vgmseries.ba...mp.com/releases


Posting here for anyone else like myself who may or may not have missed out on notification from other social media sources.

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Yesterday, 07:32 PM

this may be a good time to ask for some HVPS, I seem to only have the one  song here


I've got 9. PM'd with download link.

In Topic: Games You've Recently Completed....

18 March 2019 - 11:25 PM

Disney's TaleSpin (NES) - This was the only Capcom/Disney game I hadn't played. Took a bit of time to get used to the funky mechanics and a few questionable hit boxes, but was a fun romp after that. I beat it with something like 18 lives left.