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04 September 2019 - 08:58 AM

Three of four Steam World games are on sale right now.


The Steam World Heist sale is especially steep (6 bucks, on sale from 20).  It's a little like X-COM but with some big twists. One big difference: the game is presented as a 2D sidescroller rather than 3/4 perspective.  Another big difference: attacking requires manual aiming.  Your leader's first weapon has a laser sight for training, but other weapons don't have it (so far; haven't been playing long).  Manual aiming let's you get head shots, carefully shoot just over cover and even ricochet bullets.  Unlike X-COM, if you die, you lose half your money, but everyone is revived.  It has 5 difficulty levels and defaults to the 3rd one, but you can change difficulty on a per mission basis.  The game recommends increasing to the 4th difficulty if you want a proper challenge (which I have done).  I'm having a lot of fun with this so far.





The DIG games are also on sale (3 down from 10; and 10 down from 20).  These are metrovania (rygarmania, etc.) games with a digging mechanic.  It was a turn-off at first, but digging ended up being what makes the games unique and fun.  The level design in the first game is very limited, while the second has a fully realized world and is easily twice as long.

In Topic: Donald Trump Is Your New President.

24 August 2019 - 07:46 AM

guillotines for the rich though would be fine.

In Topic: Donald Trump Is Your New President.

21 August 2019 - 11:21 AM

Way to prove me right guys.




You can always tell when Rize is backed into a corner and is objectively wrong when he looks for a personal roast to be a little snowflake victim over and ignores any of the actual substance of a post.

Later bud, better luck next time.


It always ends that way because there's only 1 of me and at least 10 of you.  I have no choice but to simply vanish or the conversation will multiply exponentially without end.

In Topic: Donald Trump Is Your New President.

21 August 2019 - 10:52 AM

And that is the biggest and most universal bit of propaganda on the left... that you're morally superior to everyone to the right, (whichever part of the left you hail from).  Have a good day everyone.

In Topic: Donald Trump Is Your New President.

21 August 2019 - 10:35 AM

So you're basically admitting that a web forum with very generalized statements is a bad way to gauge the nuance of someone's political beliefs but also willing to lump a bunch of people together based on those vague, generalized posts and make huge assumptions about them. Gotcha.

It's necessary to lump people together in order to say anything pithy. Consider my statements a general challenge for everyone to take a step back and reconsider why they trust their sources so much considering the agendas and money powering most of it.

And Brodan, I meant that directly for Raub. You already posted your list of things, and I discussed gun control in particular a bit.







First of all Rize, stop posting. Or post directly into your own ass hole if you feel the need to post.

Second of all if this is the question you mean, it’s an extremely dumb non-question.

I'd be interested to hear what leftist positions any of you disagree with and why?

This, if anything in this thread, shows a lack of knowing anything. Even knowing the tiniest bit about “the left” outside of what Fox News and CNBC straw man as “the left”, you know that they do not agree about fucking ANYTHING. Even if they are behind certain things such as universal health care, the takes will be extremely different from person to person. Anarchists and Marxist Leninists disagree with each other to the same degree that Republicans and Democrats do.

And to make this even funnier, a lot of people will throw around the term “The Left” and mean someone as right-wing as the Clintons or Obama.


Yeah, it took me some time and reading to understand that Liberal ≠ "The Left".

Want to see some disagreement between different leftists? Ask an anarchist and an ML about Hong Kong right now.


I'm well aware that some people on the left disagree with each other... but how substantive are the differences?  Whether or not to have reparations?  But the underlying assumption that any kind of balancing is needed between races goes unchallenged despite existing on shaky ground.  Most of the candidates running for president have few substantive disagreements (publicly)?  Why? Because there is an ideal average leftist that they're targeting.  Can we at least agree that large swathes of the left (like the right) are swimming in and believing in propaganda, even if we're all immune here?