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Today, 04:28 AM

Monte and evilsonic (two of our many great Mikes!) I just followed the both of yas on letterboxd! It's a great app when I remember to use it.

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Yesterday, 08:02 PM

Dancer in the Dark for the feel bad musical of your winter's heart!

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Yesterday, 08:00 PM



I feel like a big chump when I see things like this, because I immediately want them but that's just because I like the paint job and price tag. I don't need a 2nd mini-humbucker strat plus it might feel and sound like shit, there are only a handful or less of guitars I'd be stoked to buy without getting to play them first (in a hypothetical situation where I have money for such a thing). I have three guitars that are all rather strong instruments overall, but they're also all in various states of needing some tweaking that I have tended to, uh, make worse attempting myself. Bleh I still miss just beating a guitar to death for friends and well-wishers for an hour a night every night and I have that false consumerist feeling that a new horse in the stable would inspire me to ride  <_<

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Yesterday, 07:44 PM

Haha I feel ya. Mig doing the right thing while I just go blahblahblah!

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Yesterday, 07:03 PM

I don't know anything about Tattler Reusable Canning Lids™ but, just from looking at that picture it's unclear that there's anything special about that thing vs. your average keychain/camping can/bottle opener? There might be something that fits the bill at a local liquor store even, honestly, although I have no idea what that's like in your neck of the woods.