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#1441215 11:60

Posted by Jace on Yesterday, 07:46 PM

I still rock an old Synth Freq playlist of mp3s I pulled from their youtube videos! TSF has just about the best synthesized "guitar" sound I've ever heard.
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#1441193 VGM Covers Discovery Thread

Posted by Jace on Yesterday, 05:34 PM

Shocker, I enjoyed that even more than the SNES version (which is great!) 

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#1441059 guitarra

Posted by Jace on 21 January 2021 - 11:37 PM

Got a couple lulz out of this thread just now.

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#1440923 Classic Rock Appreciation Thread

Posted by Jace on 19 January 2021 - 06:47 PM

I've been curious about Toto ever since a friend of mine grabbed this guitar instruction VHS at our local podunk thrift store when we were in high school. We didn't know the name "Steve Lukather," it was just like, "oh cool, a guitar instruction video." We popped it in and our faces instantly got exploded off by insane shred. I grabbed the box and looked at the back like WHAT IS HAPPENING and then I read that this was the guy from Toto. We were all like..."wait...the 'Africa' band??" Completely flabbergasted.



But not curious enough to ever actually listen to them.

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#1440875 FamiStudio!

Posted by Jace on 19 January 2021 - 03:30 AM

I actually look forward to being able to use this for NSF importing for potential future Bit Brigade (and other) projects. It's awesome that they're pumping out native Mac builds alongside Windows and Linux. However, I really really personally dislike piano rolls. If this thing ever gets ReWire support (so I can control it with Renoise) it's over for you hoes.

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#1440803 Video Game Songs That Sound Like Video Game Songs

Posted by Jace on 18 January 2021 - 10:03 AM

The hook at ~0:38 in the Field theme (apparently aka "Pass - Ruins") from Ys IV: Mask of the Sun reminds me of The Hook at ~0:12 and elsewhere in motherfuckin' Land of Flames from Xak 2

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#1440788 The YouTube thread

Posted by Jace on 18 January 2021 - 08:53 AM

Even though that one seems like it's pretty obviously CGI (...right?), it's definitely not cute. It's looking more and more all the time like we must just want Skynet to be real.

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#1440786 The All Inclusive Metal Thread

Posted by Jace on 18 January 2021 - 08:43 AM


wow that kicked a LOT of ass and goddamn, that crowd is fucking lit for mid-day in 1989!

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#1440779 Classic Rock Appreciation Thread

Posted by Jace on 18 January 2021 - 06:50 AM

Seems strange in retrospect that classic rock radio never embraced the Dead


buh? I mean you'd hear "Touch of Grey" every now and again back in the day, but I mean that was literally their only radio-ready hit ever.


I grew up in a really radio-friendly household, especially in the late 80s and early-mid 90s. My parents (my mom in particular) always liked to have music on in the background but for me it often captured foreground attention. We had three primary stations for rock in my area (about an hour outside Atlanta) back then: 99x, 96 Rock, and Z93. 99x started off as "Power 99" but tried to stay hip to the times after Nirvana blew up (so, ya know, 99"x" as in Generation X, corny but it totally worked for them at the time, they became the radio station equivalent of Mtv's Buzz Bin or 120 Minutes. Prior to this, Power 99 had devolved into like literally playing Color Me Badd, Ugly Kid Joe and MC Hammer back-to-back and it was, well, a ridiculous mess that in hindsight reflected the turn of the decade pretty realistically [though as a little kid I couldn't see the problem, I liked all three of those acts].) 

96 Rock was like the barrel-chested Dude station, proudly repping Motley Crue and G'n'R and all that kinda stuff well into the Grunge era. A mullet and Bud Heavy-safe zone. Although it didn't totally fit, these guys LOVED playing Drivin' and Cryin' all the time because until Collective Soul (augh) emerged, they were the closest thing Atlanta proper had had to a successful mainstream rock band (GA overall is overflowing with great and influential artists stretching back to the invention of Rock and Roll by Little Richard [James Brown is from here too] but Atlanta itself has always been a bit lacking. John Mayer started his career living in Atlanta too but that's a whole different story, and I guess Mastodon did get pretty big. A case could be made for Black Lips, and Deerhunter are huge in Pitchforkland but I'm digressing.)


And then Z93. That was our station for what this thread is about. Mostly a total 70s big rock vibe (no disco ever duh) with some late 60s sprinkled in (mostly just Hendrix and the first 2 Zep albums, occasionally The Who), and maaaybe some early 80s AOR or like Eliminator-era ZZ Top if they were feeling frisky (but way more likely to just play "Lagrange" every day.) I remember they seemed to play "Under My Thumb" and "Shattered" a lot. I fucking hated those songs and they would color my perception of the Stones well into my adulthood (still pretty lukewarm on them although their influence is undeniable.) Since it's the South, there was a regular rotation of about a dozen Skynyrd songs (including, frequently, the full 9-minute album version of Freebird rather than the sub-5-minute radio edit), and, being from GA, the Allman Bros got constant play as well. Hotel California every goddamn day (though that solo does slay.) Margaritaville until I wanted to fling myself out of the moving car.


I don't think it's old man curmudgeon talk to suggest that the state of mainstream guitar-based music at the turn of the century really did kill the whole rock radio thing, at least in terms of being able to be "relevant" and up-to-date. By the mid-2000s, Z93 became something called "Dave FM" which was just kind of a whatever mish-mash of the classic rock formula with 90s alternative splashed in, 96 Rock became "Project 96" and catered to people who liked Sevendust, Evanescence, and the first Creed album, and the plug was pulled entirely on 99x.




Leo, if your classic rock station was playing Uriah fuckin' Heap, that DJ deserved a raise.

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#1440684 Proper Toilet Paper Installation

Posted by Jace on 17 January 2021 - 10:03 AM

So to appease the roommates you had to...make sure to keep the seat down...but the lid up...because the wife refused to touch a toilet lid? Even Bob in What About Bob could probably accomplish this feat with a small piece of toilet paper. It's weird to me when people are ashamed to complain themselves about something like that because refraining from directly complaining is sort of a way of admitting that they know it's unreasonable.

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#1440676 COVID-19

Posted by Jace on 17 January 2021 - 09:12 AM

I had a (well-meaning, left-leaning, artsy fartsy) friend try to talk to me about how I should just "do whatever [I] want because almost nobody who gets it is actually dying." I told her that I have a friend whose father died from it (in Montana), a friend whose grandmother died from it (in Atlanta), and a very close friend who had a cousin who died from it (in New Jersey). She just paused and kinda went like, "hmm..." and then kept going on with her spiel and said something to the effect of "well they probably had something else going on anyway, anytime anyone dies these days they're (gotta love the ever-elusive "they" in these sorts of rants) putting it down as 'Covid.' Gunshot wounds? 'Covid.'" I was basically just like, "this conversation is over."

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#1440661 List some GOOD Rom Hacks!

Posted by Jace on 17 January 2021 - 05:16 AM

Playing through a Super Mario World hack called Mario's Mystery Meat and it is definitely something! Apparently it has something to do with some YouTube person(s?) known as vinesauce. I don't know anything about vinesauce but this is a wild ride and really fairly unbelievable from a technical standpoint as far as SMW hacks go.

Okay this...really kicked ass. It was actually 98% really awesome not knowing what any of the memes were about, just letting myself flow with it as a surrealistic mindfuck. Easily both the most technically impressive and also batshit crazy romhack I've ever played (I would previously have given the latter to Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 3, but this one outdoes it and without merely being turbo crass the whole time.)


Just started Super Mario 3mix from JMR's old suggestion and it is kicking a lot of ass already for sure!

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#1440657 Help me with my weird New Year's resolution

Posted by Jace on 17 January 2021 - 01:08 AM

I respect Rocky Horror for having been trans( ;) )gressive at the time, but I find it basically unwatchable (doesn't help that I don't enjoy the songs). But I'm glad it exists. I think it's cool to be able to note that queerness has become relatively normalized compared to then and trans or otherwise queer folk don't have to be painted as literal space-alien freakazoids (which I think would actually be considered fairly offensive in any modern day production.)
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#1440641 Gif Dump

Posted by Jace on 16 January 2021 - 06:21 PM

The knowledge of how less cute that's going to be once it's an adult cat constantly attacking hands (I've lived with one of these and it was a nightmare) kinda ruins it for me.
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#1440597 What are you watching on netflix?

Posted by Jace on 16 January 2021 - 12:50 AM

The more I reflect on things (and I haven't not thought about Twin Peaks S3 in some way since the day I finished it), S1 & 2 feel like a mere warm-up act for FWWM and S3. I guess I just didn't get into the quirky townspeople and their little substories as much as a lot of fans. 


Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. In hindsight it seems obvious that Lynch had a bit of an outline for what Twin Peaks was meant to contain (even if he wasn't sure, artistically, of how he was going to get to those places. But there's absolute no other way to explain why FWWM even exists). He literally went on Leno and Letterman back in the day to beg the network to give the show a chance. At the same time, while it has been oft-stated by Lynch in one way or another over the years that the question of "who killed Laura Palmer" was never meant to be the core of the show, I can't blame the general American public and the network for getting too caught up in that part of the story. But FWWM and S3 definitely assert a different and deeper core story and the fact that it took 25 years to get to be done made it all the more impactful for me.

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