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Spaceship You - piece for 6 electric guitars by Jace

04 December 2020 - 04:18 AM



BEHOLD! Thanks to the whims of almighty Bandcamp ( :blink: ) I have decided that today is the day. I have been hand-wringing for nearly 3 months on how "best" to release this thing and, this being perhaps the last "Bandcamp Friday" ever and considering that I'm trying to donate all of the proceeds toward efforts to get Georgia's Democratic Senate candidates elected in our huge January 5th runoff, I decided that it was sort of now-or-why-not-now for releasing SPACESHIP YOU, my piece for 6 electric guitars that I spent 200 hours over 4 months working on in near-complete isolation this summer. 
As much as absolutely anything, it is a love letter to The Shizz. It is a love letter to all of my friends, and so many of you are chief among them. This whole place is an inextricable part of my life and world. But by now in a normal year, I would have seen a dozen of you or more in person at a show or festival, and quite frankly I have banked on that significantly for my general social and emotional well-being over the past several years. 
So this piece of music is my whale song about how it makes me feel to miss all of you, and to miss everyone and everything in my life that has been inaccessible for 9 months now and counting. 
p.s. obviously I know that it is ATHLETIC AESTHETIC day, and I am as hype for that as anyone! But this being partly a politically motivated financial fundraiser in the interest of literally the political health of our nation, it seemed important to go ahead and get it out to other outlets while I can potentially maximize the potential to generate some real funds. I know it's not an ideal day to be pushing it out on The Shizz specifically but at the same time it's not going to just disappear into fat air after today! And if anyone wants to just donate to the New Georgia Project or Fair Fight directly to try to contribute to ensuring a Democratic Senate in January, by all means! This is about more than my 6-guitar non-wankery!

At any rate.



Skateboarding: the Threadening

08 September 2020 - 07:12 PM

We need a skateboardarra thread! Aside from our own Mikey"Ripquist"456 being a member of the raddest currently existing American crew, Fancy Lad (they coined the term "avant gnar" which is the highest level of thing that a thing can be in my opinion), it's my very favorite spectator sport overall, and I don't even skate. Rodney Mullen will probably be my forever-favorite (which, if he didn't also seem like such a cool guy would probably be too easy an answer):



Load us up with skate vids, opinions, board pics, etc!

Happy birthday to Streifig and me!

28 April 2020 - 08:09 AM

Here's your annual reminder of a fun Shizz fact: Streifig and I share the same birthday! It's a little thing that always warms my heart to reflect on every year. Mikhail, I love you, and THESHIZZ I love all of you too! Celebrate by telling me of a good bday memory you have from any point in your own life.


For me, it has to be my 17th birthday, because my sister (who is only about a year younger than me) threw me a surprise party and organized to have a bunch of my friends over to our house. It was a big deal for two reasons: 1) my sister and I almost *never* got along at this point in our lives, and I genuinely thought she absolutely hated me, and 2) most of these friends had never been to our neighborhood at all because it was a pretty ratty place and any one of their houses was a nicer spot for a hang. But on this day it seemed like the *perfect* place for a hang and we had an awesome time. It was one of the last times I remember truly feeling like a "kid" in any sort of carefree way.

Great VG Intros of the 16-bit Era

12 April 2020 - 02:37 PM


The song in this intro has been one of my favorite vgm tunes of all time for a while now, but I had never played the game and I just stumbled upon this upload recently from a fan translation. Holy shit! It got me pumped as hell! And curious about other totally badass intros of the 16-bit era, from otherwise any style of game or console (or arcade board or Japanese computer or whatever).